1965 250 Ducati Road Racer

Pictured above is a shot of my friend Miles and me. I helped him dial in an engine I built for him to vintage roadrace. The shot was taken at Willow Springs Raceway in California a couple years ago.

I was provided with a stock 250 bottom end and a head that had been ported for racing with dual plug. Custom oil drain holes are on the left side. My job was to turn this stuff into a race engine that would be reliable .

The cases were split and all bearings replaced. The crank was taken apart and a new rod kit installed. The flywheel was removed as well as the kick start assembly.

As can be seen in the photos, the clutch pressure plate, the clutch hub and clutch basket have been lightened. The same goes for the oil pump gear and the points drive gear. A chain guard has been installed.

Oil drain ports are installed on the left case. Kick start parts are removed.

Intake and exhaust valves are stock Diana Mark 3 size. The cam is an aftermarket race unit. The head was ported to fit the 34 mm Sudco Mikuni.

The piston is made by Venolia and has a 11 to 1 compression ratio.

The engine runs on total loss ignition. It is loud and proud.