1959 175 Ducati Americano

Before, during and after pics for you.

This was an good project that came to me from a friend who attended the '2008 Giro in Italy where he got hip to the scene. His name is Mike.

He came to me asking if I could make him a "Giro" bike and I said I could supply you with a rolling chassis but you would have to come up with the proper body work.

Later Mike purchased this bike from Roger who bought it several years ago and asked me to get it running. I did. It sat for several years until it was purchased by Mike and brought back to me for restoration. Ha Ha!

Yes I got it running but did not give it a road test. I later discovered it threw a chain and broke the case supporting the clutch arm.

I split the cases, had the the crack welded up and the bearing support machined. I also did all the usual case cleanup, crank resto, bearing replacement, tranny inspection and finally put the cases back together.

Mike and I decided to convert from DC to AC ignition and split the electrical system to two different circuits. One would provide power for the ignition and the other would supply 12 volt lighting.

The head was changed too. Valve sizes were increased. Rocker arms changed as well as the cam. Carb size went from a 24mm to 27. Head porting changed too.

New Axcel rims and Buchanan spokes were mated to restored original hubs.

F3 exhaust system came from Road and Race in Australia.

Mike has ridden this bike in several Giro type events here in the states, one of which he hosted in Arizona recently.

It has proven to be a very reliable bike.


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