1962 Ducati Scrambler

This bike came from Spokane, WA. The owner inherited it from his father. It had a broken kick start shaft that was never fixed and it sat out in the elements with the clutch cover off for 40 years.

I took on the project because it had most of the important sheet metal and the owner had the original title. It turned out to be a big job. The owner wanted it restored as a memorial to his father.

As you can see the bike was in pretty rough shape: lichens growing on the tank and seat, many improper holes drilled on the frame, broken foot peg support, wasp nest in and under the tank, cracked cases due to water getting into the sump and freezing, missing carb parts, etc.

I did a total overhaul on the engine with the help of a very talented machinist and welder.

Getting the swing arm pin out of the frame needed a torch and a press.

I purchased new rims and spokes. After getting back the hubs from the polisher, I rebuilt the wheels. I upgraded a Scrambler piston with new rings. I had the crank rebuilt, replaced all bearings, etc.

The seat was in bad shape but I have a good upholsterer who was able to match the correct shape, vinyl and rivits.

It runs like a champ and has won three awards in CA, AZ and WA.


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