Ducati 900 GTS from the late '70's.

GTS stands for Grand Touring Sport.

I have been maintaining this bike for a few years.

No serious wook done, other than the usual as it has lived a good life and has been well maintained.

The GTS was the touring version of the first square case Ducati twin.

860cc's are called the GT but GTS is called a 900. The have the same dissplacement. Today, the GT is considered Taglioni's bastard child because of it's square look. The GTS has better lines.


The GTS differed from the GT in that It had triple discs and a nicer tank and seat. As with the series, no desmo heads. It is a great sport touring bike.

If you want to make a desmo replica wet dream, this is the bike for you.

If I had a basket case GTS and it was salvagable, I would keep it stock unless the body work was wrecked.

The GTS will hold value better than a trumped up non Desmo.

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