1958 MV Augusta 125 Turismo Sport

I usually don't bring client bikes into my living room but this was an exception because my shop was filled up.

This bike came to me from an old friend who started Moto Euro Magazine. The magazine flourished for a few years with me and some friends contributing stories and photographs. I wish ME was still around today.

I was asked to get the bike functional and make a few mods to make this pedestrian bike look more racey. The client had the wheels redone by my friends at the Wheel Shop in Phoenix. The paint was done by my late and dear friend Lynn. The upholstery was done by my old friend Leo.

I got it running properly. It has no battery and the horn really works. I ditched the stock seat. I modified a Gilera bum stop seat with new upholstery and properly mated the seat to the frame.

Larry rode it in one of the Giro Cal events. He finished and had a great time.


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