1958 Parilla 175 Gran Sport

This bike came from Argentina and had a lot of problems. My job was to get it running properly for the owner who now has it in his motorcycle museum in Phoenix.

It was heralded as a Parilla 250 Gran Sport but really was a true 175 Gran Sport as evidenced by the "totally tubular" frame and correct engine numbers.

The cam, valves, pushrod followers, piston/bore, oil pump drive gear were all a mess. The exhaust was off some little two stroke. The wheels were way out of true. The chassis was off. The suspension was off. The shift arm was cut off and turned around. The counter shaft sprocket was junk. The cam was junk. The fenders were wrong, the clipons are wrong too but my client was not concerned about that. He just wanted it to run and look half way decent.

The magneto worked, the crank was good, the transmission was good. Front end suspension was mostly right.

Finding parts for these Parilla singles is difficult for the company did not sell many here in the states and the distributor, Cosmopolitan Motors in PA had mostly sold off their spare parts to someone in Austrailia, from there the stash went someone in Lousiana who then passed it on to someone in Germany. Each of these purchases made the stash smaller with less and less of the important parts left.

I was able to find some stuff I needed from this stash but was also able to find some other parts through my connections in Italy and England. I also had to have some stuff made from scratch like the meggaphone.

Check out the adjustable main jet on the 27 SSI Dellorto carb in the photo below.

Despite the fact the seat, fenders and shifter is wrong, and there is no kick start arm, tachometer and drive, the rest of it is correct. It runs and sounds great!

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