Contemporary Royal Enfield Bullet with 600cc Cafe Kit

What can I say? I like four stroke singles no matter where they come from.

It was bought off of Ebay. Yes, it looks cool but the tank was dinged up and it could not be started properly and run correctly.

This is an earlier version with electronic ignition but still with a cast iron cylinder, drum front brake and kick start only.

The tank was banged up on top and front sides due to bad treatment. I fixed that. The clutch was slipping when starting. That was due to wrong placement of clutch plates. I fixed that too.

The valve clearances were wrong. Changing them is similiar to an old Harley as they are changed at the bottom.

The clutch was slipping when kick starting so I went through the clutch and found a plate put in backwards. It works now.

Kick starting is good if you get the piston up just after TDC, it will start with the Sudco Mikuni choke on. Turn it off quick and it will settle into an very nice idle.

Rear set shifting is sloppy, despite changing linkage orientation. Getting into the proper gear does not always get it right. But once there it is long legged and moves on properly.

The seat is wide and hard. Vibrations at low rpm go right up your ass.

Electronic tach works good.

I guess this is what it was intended to be.

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