1978 Benelli 750 Sei

A symphony of six pipes makes head and ears turn with this bike.

Benelli was the first motorcycle company to produce a 6 cylinder street bike. They based it on the Honda 500/4 with the addition of another cylinder on each side.

Each cylinder has a one piece exhaust system that connects to each other behind the foot pegs and out of sight.

Notice the engine has a kick start as well as a standard electric starter. Believe it or not, It is easy start with the kicker.

Each intake tract connect to three dual throat manifold that are fed by three square style Dellorto carbs. Below are pictured the dirty carbs after removal.

The brake system in front is Brembo. The rear is by double leading shoe drum.

This bike came to me after a long stay out in the sun but was basically all there. Most rubber parts had to be replaced. The upholstery was replaced and all the paint was redone.


Besides the cosmetic work done, I did fluid and filter change, carb rebuild, tune up and general clean up.

The paint work was done by Matt at Sonoran Desert Cycle.

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