It is amazing what someone did to their early '60's Wards Benelli in an effort to make a statement.

It does not matter there is no front brake, no rear suspension, no muffler, etc.

It looks "cool".

Check out how long the rear brake pedal is. Wonder why the rear wheel has a tendency to lock up when the brake is applied.

Look at the sump angle in relationship to the ground. The oil filter is in the front. Make sure you keep your oil topped off or there will be a problem!

The owner recently got it off Craig's List. He had me tune it up. Shortly afterward, the weld broke on the shift arm. Then I heard it was back on Craig's List.

The new owner brought it back to me after spending some bread having a battery tray made and some wiring mods done.

The beast has a generator powered system with voltage regulator and six volt battery.

Getting that to work as well as the lighting system was a challange.

The owner wanted a front brake and complained about gear changing.

I had a 21 inch rim laced to a standard Ducati hub kicking around here, so I installed it backwards to fit the Benelli front end.

Stick/suicide foot shift control the way it was was a joke and very hard to shift.

I cut the shaft and used the bottom to connect to a Heim joint linkage and pivoting front pedal.

The regulator, coil and main battery switch are all one of the original tool boxes.

The tank sprung a leak and now I am waiting for the sealant to cure.

I hope to have this job done soon so I can get back to my personal project standing on my bench.


Oh no, it has come back to haunt me!