1971 450 Ducati Desmo Custom

About 5 years ago I was asked to restore a 450 Desmo RT Ducati engine for Scott. He lives in the SF bay area. He is building a serious custom bike around this engine.

He sent me a RT desmo 450 engine he bought from Miller in Connecticut.

I did the usual bottom end restoration and set it up for oil drain lines from the head to the case.

I had the head re-ported for better flow; matched to stock valves sizes and made a manifold to make it work with the intended frame.

Other engine mods include external oil drain lines from the head to the case as well as one of my "gear gazers".

Scott chose to modify a narrow case frame to fit the wide case engine. This took a lot of work as you can see in the photos shown.

Outer engine mounting plates and supports have been added to the narrow case frame to accept the wide case engine. The exhaust system is neatly tucked in but I see no place for a battery.

My friend Evan Wilcox, made the tank and seat that you see in the photos Scott supplied me.

I wonder how well this bike will handle with a singular backbone frame mated to a wide case 450 engine.

The bike is done now. Scott has a truly unique machine and award winner.


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