1969 350 Ducati Desmo Street Racer

This project started 20 years ago by a fellow who had a dream but never finished the job. He asked me to.

What I got was a rolling chassis, exhaust system and engine, as well as a new fiberglass tank, fairing, seat and splash guard with no paint or upholstery.

The engine is a 350 wide case desmo built by Reno Leoni. It came equipped with a dual plug head, external oil feed and drain lines, head ported to fit a 36 mm Dellorto pumper carb and manifold. Stock cam and valves were retained. He welded up the threaded exhaust port and drilled/tapped two holes for the head pipe mounting studs. The exhaust collar came off a Honda. He welded a platform on top of the head to the left side where it was drilled and tapped to accept the steel braided oil feed line. The dry clutch is made by NCR. These modifications were used on Ducati's single cylinder F3 race bikes.

The Italian made chrome moly frame copies the SCD racers. It weighs almost half of the stock frame and is missing some stuff not found on the stock street frame.

The rear set foot controls are made by Giusseppe in Bergamo. The brake pedal does not have the usual extension for cable mounting so a special cable post had to be welded to the frame. The other end of the cable required building a brace to hold the brake arm which had been repositioned to better suit the new cable path. The brake hub was repositioned to in order to mount the torque arm. The frame required mounting posts made for the tank in four places. The fairing mounts required a full fabrication. The fenders needed mounting with braces made. The manifold was way off to fit carb to frame and tank so I had to cut and reangle it with weld.

For that I give total credit to my talented friend Syl Modesti. With my direction and his expreience, he made it work, look beautiful and helped me do the job right.

Paint done by Matt at SD Cycle and upholstery done by Leo.

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