1964 Montgomery Wards Mojave 360 Benelli

Ever seen one of these before? This was the largest of the 4 stroke singles made by Benelli to sell through Montgomery Wards. There were two versions of the Mojave: one had a high pipe and skid plate, the other had a low pipe and no skid plate.

This long stroke, pushrod, 4 speed engine was elegant in it's simplicity and ranged from 250 to 360cc's depending on what model. It seems someone talked Benelli into building a Rickman.

This low mileage bike came to me from a collection and had no idea if it ran.

I had to do some top end work and found the push rods are slightly different lengths and it won't go back together if you don't have them on the proper valve and cam bumps.

The engine is lazy and yet is enjoyable around town and on day rides.

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