1985 Ducati 600 Pantah

I am not sure of the actual displacement of this bike but it was sold out of Jim Wood's shop in Glendale, California. Supposedly Jim built a small number of pumped up Pantahs, with external oil lines and custom exhaust.

This bike turned up in a local Ducati shop in the Phoenix area. A good friend of mine bought it.

We did a track day together one time. He on the Pantah and me on my Screaming Yellow Zonker ('74 Duc Sport). There we had a blast. I had problems keeping up with him in the turns but could pass him on the straight.

Jim got taken out in a parking lot and the bike suffered damage. He was able to find original body work and got the exhaust system repaired but never finished the job.

He later offered to sell me the bike. I accepted the offer.

The missing parts included the rear fender and tail light. I came up with a non stock suitable replacments.

Jim later regretted selling the bike and asked me if I would sell it back to him for the original cost plus what I had put into it. I did and now he has it back.

I really liked this bike but there were some noises coming out of the rear cylinder that I did not like. Jim is aware of my concern but is not bothered by it.


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