1965 Ducati MX Scrambler Racer

I always had intentions of replacing my rare Parilla 250 Wildcat MX racer with a 250 Ducati but I never got around to completing the project.

A year ago I was propositioned by a fellow from Virginia to build one. I agreed to build this bike from parts intended for my project.

The standard frame has been modified with a shorter rear loop and added seat supports. The steering neck has been changed to use Timkin tapered steering bearings. The neck has steering stops to work with the 35 mm Ceriani MX front end. The rear shocks are Works Performance. The frame backbone has a tube welded to it that accepts the breather hose from the engine so crank case pressure goes into the frame and out some some holes drilled in the frame cradle.

The 21 inch front wheel hub is MZ, the rear stock Ducati.

The seat is custom made. It flexes under weight and pivots on the front support. The rear fender is alloy and the front plastic. The gas tank is stock.

The engine is mostly stock with a ported head mated to an Amal carb. The piston is a high compression Mark 3 part. Ignition is stock magneto. The header pipe is stock Scrambler.

This bike is currently racing in AHRMA's Premier Lightweight MX class.

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