1965 Ducati Custom Sebring Scrambler

I built this bike for a friend from parts I have been collecting for years.

The engine bottom has been apart, inspected and parts replaced where necessary. The Sebring type battery powered charging system was removed and a Scrambler/Diana magneto ignition installed. A Scrambler points cam replaced the Sebring points cam.

The low compression Sebring piston was replaced with a Mark 3, 9.5 to 1 and cylinder rebored to fit. The cylinder head has a fresh valve job with larger Scrambler valves, along with a port and polish job to fit a 29 mm Dell Orto square style carb. The original carb was only 24mm. A hotter Scrambler cam replaced the original wimpy Sebring cam.

The stock chrome wheels were replaced by a 19” shouldered Akront alloy in front and a 18” Borrani alloy in the rear. The tires are new dual sport type.
The frame is a stock 250 Scrambler type. All the welds have been smoothed down and unnecessary tabs removed.

A battery tray has been custom fitted and welded to the frame under the seat. The stock battery tray has been removed. A hole is drilled into the backbone with a fitting welded. This fitting connects to the engine crank case breather hose and provides a very clean way to vent the system as compared to the standard, long stock hose coming out back by the license plate. This frame has stock frame numbers for a 250 Scrambler stamped on the backbone above the swing arm area on the right side. The frame is powder coated.

The tank originally came of a 50 cc Moto Beta early 60’s Italian bike. The tank is similar to but not the same as first style Ducati Scrambler. The tank mounting plates were modified to fit the frame better. The silver paint on the tank as well as the fenders is paint and almost exactly matches the frame color. You have to really look close to see any difference. The front fender is from a two stroke Aermacchi dirt bike. The fender mount is an old Circle Industries fork brace modified to fit the 35 mm Marzocchi front end which came off a later style Ducati Scrambler. The fork ears are modified stock items from the later Scrambler. They are much more aesthetically appealing. The rear fender is off a Brit bike.

Headlight and tail light are both ‘60’s aftermarket Bates items and have new chrome. The newly chromed sidestand is modified to tuck in close to the engine.
The shift lever and the stock, early style Scrambler handlebars all have fresh chrome. Brake and clutch controls are Magura. The newly chromed instrument buckets are from a 450 Duc Scrambler as well as the instruments and tack drive. They work fine.

The headlight switches control ignition and headlight/tail light. The magneto ignition powers these actions. The under-seat battery powers the rear brake light and is not recharged by the engine. The battery has receivers for a 6 volt battery charger and the bike comes with the charger.

Electrical wiring from points to tail light are run through the frame and are mostly out of sight. Rear suspension is Ceriani. The exhaust header pipe is from a 350 Sebring and mounts to the frame with a special made bracket that connects to the footpeg mounting bolt. The muffler came out of my parts bin and I don’t know what it was made for but it is pretty and functional.

The "beer can" controls came off a 450 cc Ducati Scrambler.

The seat base is stock 250 Ducati Scrambler but has been modified to a slightly different shape and special mounting studs have been welded to the bottom rear to fit to the frame tabs without the need for bolts. The front bolts. The seat comes off much easier not. The foam is brand new and the cover is new leather, not vinyl.

If you know the drill, the bike starts easily on the first kick. It runs flawlessly and pulls strongly from start all the way up. The 5 speed gearing is a bit short and will top out at about 65-70 mph.


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