1966 Ducati Sebring Shotgun Replica


This bike started life as a standard "Square Style" 350 Sebring with a low compression piston, mild cam shaft and a small, 24 mm carb. It was designed to be a mild mannered touring motorcycle but can be the platform for a performance oriented machine.

The bike came to me by a friend who wanted me to sell it for him but despite the good looks with later style wide case Mark 3 seat, larger valves, hotter cam, Mark 3 piston, 32mm Amal carb, custom alloy racing plates and Dunstall silencer, the engine had some issues.

A friend of mine wanted to buy the bike and have me build a replica of the later wide case Silver Shotgun.

The "Shotgun" models were wide case bikes produced in the early '70's. They came with fiber glass bodywork, alloy rims, double sided, single leading shoe front brake, desmo head, clipon handlebars and 35 mm Marzocchi front end.


The transformation began with finding the body work. The replica tank and seat came from Syd's Cycles in Florida. The front fender is original and was found on ebay. The headlamp is Benelli and was also found on ebay. The fork ears came from Moto Guzzino and are very similar to the original units. The rearsets came from a custom Brit shop. The smooth upper triple came from ebay too. The tach came from Moto Guzzino. Stainless steel spokes are from Buchanan's Spoke and Rim.

The wheel hubs were polished and lased up to new steel rims. Tires are Avon Venoms. The frame was powder coated after welding on tank and seat mounting plates. The upper fork tube shrouds were removed and the lower shrouds were cut down. The fork springs were chromed and give the bike a more racy look. The silver speckle paint is very close to the original. The electrical system was completely redone but retains the original 6 volt regulator rectifier.

The engine has been gone through and a new rod kit installed.

Nice transformation, eh?



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