1966 Custom Monza 250

This bike was built in upstate New York and purchase by a local Phoenix fine artist for a tidy sum.

When first brought to me it looked pretty much like this. It did not take Clyde long to check it out.

The engine was built by the late great Henry Hogben in Canada. It had been converted from battery ignition to magneto. Despite the fact it ran great, it was having "lighting issues".

This has always been a problem with magneto powered Ducati singles. There is not enough juice made from the magneto to supply sufficient candle power for lights when the rear brake light engages, especially when coming to a stop light.

So in an effort to solve this problem, I rewired the lighting coil to charge a 12 volt battery with voltage regulator. This way the ignition system would be powered by the magneto and the lighting system would be separate with a charged 12 volt battery and thus providing a much better system than originally designed. Eventually, I got it to work.

There are many special features on this bike. Custom rear sets have been added. The valves and cam have changed for increased performance. The carb is a SSI 27 with velocity stack. The piston is a Borgo 9.5 to 1 Scrambler type. Veglia racing tach and drive, racing meggaphone and Akront alloy rims are non stock for a Monza. The right side air box has been abbreviated to clear the velocity stack. It serves no purpose but looks good. All the rest of the body work is stock but there were issues with the tire size and the narrow square style fenders. I put on smaller Avon tires and the problem was solved. I also changed the shocks to 12 inch Redlines. I had a Supertrack system welded to the back of the meggaphone and that reduced noise and increased power.

Despite the fact the bike was running fine, my client did not like the "square look" and talked me out of a 250 Benelli tank I had in the attic. He found the chrome Benelli headlamp, fiber glass front fender and rear mud guard as well as a glass Sport replica seat made for singles.

After some fabrication/paint and removing the side covers, it looks mostly like this now but the tail light and license plate bracket has been changed to something more brief.


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