1966 Custom Ducati Monza/Benelli

This bike started as a bunch of parts touted to be a Diana. Wrong. 250 Monza engine and frame. Stock wheels and front end with Borrani rims and square style fenders.

I convinced my client to let me have my way with this project so I built the engine with ported head matched to 29 mm Dellorto square slide carb. Features include: custom exhaust, custom CNC milled gear gazer, polished stock alloy headlamp bucket, clubman bars, stock rear tail light, Benelli Supersport seat and 4 stroke Benelli tank cut off at the bottom and shortened. Six volt alternator changed to 12 volt, 12 inch Red Wing rear shocks. Custom paint and pinstriping. I designed and produced the decals on the tank.

I think it is a nice blend of round and square stylings of 60's Italian bikes.

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