Pictured above is one way to fix a slipping clutch at the race track. If your clutch slips, you can add some friction to your steel clutch plates by rubbing them on the tarmac. This may not seem like the most professional solution to the problem but sometimes under the heat of battle, a situation may occur that has to be dealt quickly with unorthodox measures.

Ducati Phoenix specializes in complete engine building services for all OHC Ducati narrow and wide case singles. These services include valve jobs, head porting, exhaust thread replacement, case damage repair, bevel gear shimming, crank rebuilds/balancing, custom matching of intake to manifold, cylinder boring, piston replacement and updating 6 to 12 volt conversions.

All diagnostic, dissasembly, re-assembly and testing work is done in house while most machine work and welding are subbed out to trusted and experienced vendors.

Depending on your needs, I can build your engine back to stock, super street or to race specifications.

I also offer complete wheel rebuilding services which include new spokes, wheel truing and hub polishing.

With the recent popularity of Giro type events in the states and abroad, there are few services willing or able to restore engines eligible for these events. This is mostly a lost art as these bikes are almost 50 years old and few people know and are willing to work on them.

Ducati Phoenix has a wide assortment of engine parts available. We are not a parts warehouse and don't sell them unless they are necessary to your job. If your project needs parts, it is most likely I have them. If not, I will find them.

Besides bevel drive Ducati single and twins, I also have experience working on Parilla, Benelli, MV, MotoBi and Aermacchi singles.

Due to the small size of these types of engines, shipping is not a problem. By putting a cardboard box inside another one and cutting a matching wood floor, you pack the engine firmly inside. An engine can be transported across the country for around $150 through UPS.

If my skills are of interest to you, please contact me. I look forward discussing your project.


Pictured are samples of stock and lightened Ducati parts:
a 450 crank, clutch basket, clutch center hub, clutch pressure plate,
oil pump and timing gear.